Prof. Jackie Hatala Matthes, Assistant Professor of Biology at Wellesley College

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Jackie is in her fifth year as an Assistant Professor at Wellesley College, where she teaches courses that bridge biology and environmental science.

Dayna De La Cruz, Wellesley ’21

Dayna is a first-generation college student majoring in Biology and minoring in Global Portuguese Studies. Her research interests include temperate and tropical forest conservation and animal-ecosystem interactions. She is currently working on her senior honors thesis, analyzing how different environmental factors affect Quercus rubra seedlings leaf damage and aboveground-belowground allocation to growth.

Marisy Nieto, Wellesley ’24

Marisy is a first-year interested in majoring in Environmental Studies and Studio Art at Wellesley College. She is a first-generation college student interested in the areas of marine biology and ecosystem ecology. Marisy is currently working on analysis of long-term datasets from the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. 

Sarah Elizabeth Stockman, Wellesley ’21

Sarah Elizabeth is a junior majoring in biology. Her research interests include population and community ecology. Sarah Elizabeth is currently working on categorizing vegetation structure in NEON forest plots using remote sensing data. When not studying, Sarah Elizabeth enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and photographing fungi, insects, and plants.

Jaime Tracewell, Wellesley ’23

Jaime is a sophomore exploring shifts in tree population dynamics in response to external stressors such as invasive pests and a changing climate. Her data is sourced from the long term ecological research site Hubbard Brook experimental forest, which she uses R to transform and interpret. When not studying or working, she enjoys being outside, making art, and gardening.

Sage Wentzell-Brehme, Wellesley ’21

Sage is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in English. Her research interests include ecosystem ecology and disturbance dynamics. She is currently working on a senior honors thesis examining red oak seedling survival dynamics at the northern edge of the species range using datasets from two long-term ecological research sites. In her free time, Sage enjoys hiking, watercoloring, and perfecting her scone baking technique. 

Former Dartmouth EEES Ph.D. Students:

Dr. Fiona Jevon, Ph.D. 2020

Fiona is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Bradford Lab at Yale University.

Dr. Ashley Lang, Ph.D. 2020

Ashley is currently an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow working with the Phillips Lab at Indiana University.

Wellesley College Lab Alumnae:

  • Amaya Allen ’18, SU 2017
  • Lacey Berg ’21, FA 2018-SP 2019
  • Sulaikha Buuh ’20, SU 2017-SP 2018
  • Irina Chen ’18, FA 2016-SP 2018
  • Jennifer Chien ’19, FA 2018-SP 2019
  • Emma Conrad-Rooney ’20, FA 2016-SP 2020, Senior Honors Thesis
  • Abigail Conte ’20, FA 2017-SP 2019
  • Kat D’Hennezel ’21, FA 2018-SP 2019
  • Amandine Fromont ’17, SP 2017
  • Caroline Harper ’17, SP 2017
  • Amanda Hernandez ’18, SU 2016
  • Diana Hernandez ’21, FA 2018-SP 2019
  • Erica Huang ’20, FA 2017-SP 2019
  • Carolina Jimenez ’21, FA 2018-SP 2019
  • Lara Jones ’18, FA 2017-SP 2018
  • Lyba Khan ’20, SU 2017-SP 2018
  • Prapti Koirala ’19, SU 2016-SP 2017
  • Annalise Michaelson ’21, FA 2018
  • Emily Neel ’18, Senior Honors Thesis
  • Eva Paradiso ’20, SU 2018-SP 2019, Senior Honors Thesis
  • Sarah Russell ’17, FA 2016-SP 2017, Post-Bacc 2017-2018
  • Andrea Sama ’19, FA 2017-SP 2019, Senior Honors Thesis
  • Sarah Smith-Tripp ’19, Senior Honors Thesis
  • Lauren Tso ’20, SU 2018