New forest disturbance paper in Ecology Letters

A paper that Jaclyn co-authored with Mike Dietze proposing a new ecophysiological framework for including large-scale impacts of forest insects and pathogens in earth system models is now available online in Ecology Letters. Insects and pathogens are the primary source of ecological disturbance in many global forests, potentially creating cascading land-climate feedbacks following disturbance. However, forest insects andContinue reading “New forest disturbance paper in Ecology Letters”

Upcoming: ESA Annual Meeting

Jaclyn will be giving a talk at the upcoming Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting in Sacramento at 8:40am on August 15th. She’ll be speaking about some recent results from the PalEON project, “Centennial-scale ecological interactions between U.S. forests and climate: Using models and data to constrain the historic biosphere-atmosphere carbon cycle” [link to schedule].    

New wetland paper: JGR – Biogeosciences

Our new paper on environmental and biological controls on CH4 flux was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences! Click the link below to read the paper, or email Jaclyn if you would like to request a reprint. Matthes, J. H., C. Sturtevant, J. Verfaillie, S. H. Knox, D. D. Baldocchi. 2014. Parsing variabilityContinue reading “New wetland paper: JGR – Biogeosciences”