NSF grant funded to investigate methane from agriculture and hydrofracking

Jaclyn and Gil Bohrer at The Ohio State University have started working on their recently funded NSF grant (NSF-CBET 1508994) to investigate fugitive methane emissions in the land-use transition from cattle agriculture to hydrofracking for natural gas. The Matthes lab will be conducting landscape-scale 13CH4 isotopic flux measurements to partition biological and geological sources of CH4 to the atmosphere.Continue reading “NSF grant funded to investigate methane from agriculture and hydrofracking”

Wetlands Article Published in PNAS

Together with 43 international colleagues, Jaclyn co-authored a paper on the greenhouse gas footprint of natural, disturbed, and managed wetlands published in this week’s “Early Edition” of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. This research was the result of an international collaboration that synthesized direct measurements of carbon dioxide and methane fluxContinue reading “Wetlands Article Published in PNAS”

American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting

Jaclyn organized sessions B13L, B14D, and B23E, titled “Ecological Disturbance: Observing and predicting disturbance impacts” with a set of great co-conveners at the AGU Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Thanks to all of the great talks and posters contributed to this session that stimulated many interesting discussions! Jaclyn also presented an Invited Talk in sessionContinue reading “American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting”