New PalEON Papers

Jackie has co-authored two recent papers published in PLoS One and Global Change Biology through her collaboration on the PalEON Project. Our findings presented in Goring, et. al., “Novel and Lost Forests in the Upper Midwestern United States,” in PLoS One demonstrate that modern forests in the Upper Midwest are more homogenous (spatially and structurally uniform) and ecotoneContinue reading “New PalEON Papers”

Ecosystem Ecology Course Constructs Micromet Tower

Last week, students in Jackie’s Wellesley College course BISC 307: Ecosystem Ecology, constructed and installed a micrometeorological flux tower to measure ecosystem-microclimate feedbacks on Wellesley’s campus. We installed the tower within a woodland dell area, which is slated for restoration next year as part of the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative. The tower is gathering baselineContinue reading “Ecosystem Ecology Course Constructs Micromet Tower”

Talk at GRC: Unifying ecology across scales

Jackie recently presented a talk titled ‘The Challenge of Reconciling Earth System Models with Ecological Datasets Across Centuries’ at the Gordon Research Conference ‘Unifying Ecology Across Scales: Linking the Levels from Physiological to Ecosystem Ecology‘. This talk  highlighted work from the PalEON project. Thanks to the GRC organizers for organizing a stimulating program; it was aContinue reading “Talk at GRC: Unifying ecology across scales”