New paper published on soil respiration and mycorrhizae

Ashley Lang (Dartmouth EEES Ph.D. candidate mentored by Jackie) led a new paper published in Ecosystems titledHigher soil respiration rate beneath arbuscular mycorrhizal trees in a northern hardwood forest is driven by associated soil properties.’

In this study we measured soil respiration rates in plots of mixed arbuscular- and ecomycorrhizal-associated trees at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire. We found that rates of soil respiration were higher in plots with a higher abundance of arbuscular mycorrhizal trees, and that these higher rates were explained by higher soil %N and deeper soil O-horizons. This work helps to highlight and detangle the multiple drivers that link mycorrhizae and carbon cycling in mixed temperate forest ecosystems.

Congrats to Ashley on the publication of her first first-authored paper and first dissertation paper!