Matthes EcoLab Summer Research

Wellesley students are busy conducting research in the Matthes EcoLab this summer!

Dayna De La Cruz ’21 and Emma Conrad-Rooney ’20 are conducting research at the Harvard Forest Summer REU Research Program. Dayna is conducting a seedling transplant experiment to investigate biotic interactions between seedlings and mature trees that influence seedling survival. Fiona Jevon (Dartmouth Ph.D., ’20) is also mentoring Dayna’s project. Emma is studying the role of soil nitrogen on herbivory from a recent gypsy moth outbreak at Harvard Forest and across southern New England, and she will use this research as part of her Senior Honors Thesis in the fall.

Sage Wentzell-Brehme ’21 is conducting research in an NSF REU position at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, where she is studying the growth and survival of red oak seedlings, a relatively new species in Hubbard Brook forests.

Jackie is looking forward to continuing to work with all three summer research students on these projects when we return to campus this fall!