EAB Paper Published in Forests

The EcoLab published a new paper in Forests that is part of a special issue on the impacts of emerald ash borer (an invasive insect that kills ash trees). Our study measured the impacts of emerald ash borer (EAB)-induced ash die-off on soil respiration flux over two years in a forest in New Hampshire with mixed species composition typical of the area. We hypothesized that canopy mortality caused by EAB would change the soil microclimate, altering the carbon dioxide and methane flux from soils. To our surprise, soil flux was not impacted by the EAB infestation at this site, and we suggest that the high drainage capacity of the soils at our site and non-dominance of ash in the canopy could have dampened this signal. Stay posted as we continue to work on plant-soil feedbacks in forests impacted by insects and pathogens from both modeling and field studies!